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MLB shortstop and wife fuel divorce fire over jurisdiction

Sports fans in Pennsylvania who follow the personal lives of their favorite superstars know many who get married do not stay married. A divorce for those who fit in that category can sometimes be difficult, as they rarely play for a team based in their home state. Such is the case for MLB shortstop, Addison Russell, and his estranged wife.

Russell and Melisa Reidy-Russell have been married just over a year and a half and have a 1-year-old son together. Russell had filed for divorce in his home state but did not inform his wife. She was not served with papers until a week after he filed, during which time she herself had filed and had Russell served. On advice from his attorney, Russell wants to wait until after baseball season is over before proceeding with further action, although Reidy-Russell's attorney has attempted communication on Russell's days off. 

Bench warrant issued for musician in child support case

When the relationship between two Pennsylvania parents seems to be unpleasant, the child is often the one who suffers. When those parents are no longer together, the amount of child support the non-custodial parent should pay is an issue on which they usually disagree. A.B. Quintanilla, the brother of slain Tejano singer Selena, has been issued a bench warrant relating to a child support case.

Quintanilla did not show for a recent hearing with the mother of his son. She claims he owes $87,000 in financial support for their child. After Quintanilla failed to appear, his ex made a statement claiming it was hard for her to miss time from work, but she was there, fighting for the rights for her son and criticizing Quintanilla for not making the time to show.

Father wants child support obligation terminated

When two Pennsylvania parents separate, the noncustodial parent is typically required to pay child support to ensure at least the basic needs of the child will continue to be met. Some of these parents refuse to pay the financial support, often causing the custodial parent to go to great lengths to secure the payments ordered by the court. One father has petitioned the court to eliminate the child support concerning his 14-year-old daughter.

The daughter became famous as the "Cash Me Outside" girl after an appearance on Dr. Phil's talk show. From that one show, she became a social media sensation and has enjoyed significant financial gain from it. Should offers of her own television show develop into a reality, her financial portfolio could increase even more.

Possible consequences severe in child support case

Many non-custodial parents in Pennsylvania practice diligence when it comes to paying child support. Most of these parents are confident the children they are supporting are actually theirs. One man has been instructed by the court to pay thousands in child support for a child who is not his. If he refuses, he will be facing serious consequences.

Nearly 15 years ago this man was ordered to pay financial support to a former girlfriend who claimed he was the father of her baby. She says he did make three payments, through paycheck garnishments years ago, and at the time, he did nothing to dispute the deductions. He is now being expected to pay $65,000 in outstanding support.

Ex-wife of football star wants thousands in spousal support

When the marriage is over, most Pennsylvania non-custodial parents do not have a problem wanting to provide for their children by providing child support. Spousal support, however, is often another issue altogether, especially if there is extreme conflict between the two exes. Football star Robert Griffin III may have it together on the field, but he is having some trouble when it comes to agreeing on the amount of spousal support he will be paying his ex-wife.

Once Griffin's divorce was confirmed, the money to which his ex-wife, Rebecca Liddicoat, had access while they were married was cut off. She retaliated by going to court for a reversal. Her legal argument entailed a complaint that the judge approved the divorce settlement before confirming Griffin had held up his part of an agreement they signed before they got married.

Drummer and wife agree on terms of divorce

Splitting up assets and determining details on child custody and financial support is not easy for a Pennsylvania couple going through a divorce. Spelling out those many of those terms in a prenuptial agreement before getting married may make it easier should the couple subsequently decide to divorce. Although many people see drawing up a prenup as planning for divorce, it is actually more of a protective measure -- some refer to it as an insurance policy -- just in case it does happen.

Rikki Rockett, the drummer for the heavy metal band, Poison, and his wife have settled the terms of their divorce. They essentially stuck to the terms of the prenup they signed before they married nine years ago. In addition, he will pay for the car his ex-wife drives and give her $45,000 he received from selling some property they owned.

Child custody verdict favors Paul Anka

Bitter divorce procedures between two Pennsylvania parents may often involve battles over their children. One or both parents can try to use the children in an attempt at retaliation while overlooking the best interests of all involved. Singer Paul Anka feels he scored a great victory in the final child custody ruling concerning his son.

Although many details were omitted in a report on the court proceedings, Anka has been granted sole custody of his 11-year-old son, Ethan. Anka has had physical custody of his son for over two years. During the custody hearing, Ethan told the court he had strong negative feelings toward his mother. Since that testimony, Anka's ex-wife, Anna Aberg has not even seen her son.

Actor wants court to decide child custody arrangement

Most Pennsylvania parents love their children and do whatever they can to spend time with them. A divorce does not change those feelings; however, court-ordered child custody resolutions may not always work in one parent's favor. The current child custody situation between Grey's Anatomy star, Jesse Williams, and his soon-to-be ex-wife, Aryn, is not to his liking, and he is looking to change it.

Williams recently filed for divorce after five years of marriage and two children. He is now requesting joint physical custody because he says Aryn will not let him have visitation with their children for longer than just a few hours during the week. He claims that she makes all the decisions about the schedule and has not allowed them to spend even one night with him.

Rapper works deal to pay child support

Sadly, many Pennsylvania divorced parents know what it is like to not receive the support payments for their children as ordered by a judge. There is a fear that food will not be on the table for one or more meals, that the child will not have a suitable coat to keep him or her warm in the winter, or he or she will have to stay behind on a class field trip because the money just is not there. Terius Gray, known to fans of the rap genre as Juvenile, has recently spent time behind bars for non-payment of child support.

After two days in one city jail, police picked Gray up for another stay in another city on a separate child support matter. He worked out an installment deal with the first city to pay off $150,000 in back child support for his 18-year-old son. Judges know jail time is not an answer for most parents who have not paid child support because they are not able to make money if they are incarcerated. However, when a parent has the means yet does not pay, jail is an option judges choose to take. According to Gray's lawyer, he spends time with his son and has even bought him a car and paid the way for his prom.

Non-payment of child support may mean contempt of court

It is common knowledge among divorced couples in Pennsylvania that the non-custodial parent is expected to pay child support. The amount of child support differs with each former couple, based on a number of variables but mainly on income. Fans of the "Real Housewives" series may be interested to hear about the fate of Jules Wainstein's ex-husband, Michael, as he has twice passed up opportunities to pay an amount previously set by a judge.

Michael is having to appear at a contempt of court hearing next month because he has not made any attempt to pay child support and other fees that total to over $135,000. Jules' attorney has said he gets money from his parents so he can travel, eat at the best restaurants and do other things he wants to do. Although he did throw his son a very lavish birthday party, her lawyer does not believe that is enough.

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