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Man arrested for nonpayment of child support

Authorities in Pennsylvania as well as other states have begun cracking down on noncustodial parents who have not been paying child support. Even older cases have been revisited and offenders have not escaped retroactive action. A man was recently arrested for nonpayment of child support regarding his son, who is now 26 years old.

When the boy was 5 years old a judge declared the man to be the child's father and ordered him to submit to DNA testing, an action with which the man never complied. The order also stated the father should pay $56 each week in child support, which the child's mother never received. Nearly 10 years later funds were seized from the man's bank account for partial payment of the amount he owed at the time, but it was only a fraction of the total sum.

Divorce sought by reality star, former NBA player

Pennsylvania fans of the reality show "Love and Hip Hop Hollywood Season 4" are familiar with Keyshia Cole and former NBA player Daniel Gibson. After a seven-year marriage and the birth of a son, the two have decided to divorce. The show has addressed some of the issues the two have gone through during and since filing for divorce.

Although the two are no longer married, they do live in the same house in order to take care of their son, Daniel Jr. A recently released report claimed there was a document in which Gibson was asking for sole custody as well as spousal support from Cole. However, in an Instagram post, he denied both allegations and claimed he would never take the boy from his mother.

Hurricane Harvey victim center of child custody battle

Pennsylvania residents have read many stories in the news and on social media stemming from the devastation that was Hurricane Harvey. One of the most prevalent and heartbreaking stories has turned into a battle for child custody. Both the girl's father and a cousin are seeking permanent child custody of a three-year-old girl.

The little girl, Jordyn Falade, was found holding onto her mother as they floated in the floods produced by Harvey. Collette Sulcer did not survive the nightmare but, before she died, she had told her daughter to hold onto her tightly and to not let go. Jordyn has been in the care of relatives and family friends since she was rescued.

New child custody woes for Sherri Shepherd

Pennsylvania residents who keep up with the lives of celebrities may remember a child custody battle between actress Sherri Shepherd and her second husband over a child born to them via surrogate. Ms. Shepherd is in the news once again but this time in conjunction with her first husband, Jeff Tarpley. Their 12-year-old son is the subject of her most recent child custody battle.

The marriage between the couple lasted nine years before they decided to end it in 2010. At that time, Ms. Shepherd won custody of their son before she left her residence to move across the country to co-host a women's talk show. She has now moved back for a new TV series opportunity but has told her ex she will be filming out of the country for the first three months of the show. Tarpley is returning to court seeking joint custody of the boy because he does not want the child being raised by caretakers other than his parents. He is also requesting an increase in the amount of child support he receives each month.

Derek Fisher has judge sign off on child support modification

To many Pennsylvania parents who have gone through a divorce, child support is a necessity. There are some instances where a noncustodial parent is not able to comply with the child support orders set by the court, such as the loss of a job and therefore income. Former NBA player and coach, Derek Fisher has requested and received a reduction in child and spousal support.

The divorce between Fisher and his wife, Candace was official 16 months ago. The presiding judge ordered Fisher to pay $15,000 each month for their twin boys, 9 years of age. His wife was to receive $109,000 per month in spousal support.

Real estate mogul and wife in court for divorce settlement

Divorce can cost a lot. Aside from the emotional, and sometimes physical, toll it takes on couples going through it, it can also hit both parties in the wallet. Most Pennsylvania couples will not have come close to spending the amount one socialite has paid out as she seeks a divorce from her billionaire husband.

Linda Macklowe, the soon-to-be ex-wife of real estate mogul Harry Macklowe, has spent in the neighborhood of $10 million since filing for divorce over a year ago. In court, her husband's attorney had to prod her memory of the expenditures she has paid over that amount of time, including over $7 million in legal expenses. She chartered boats at a price tag of $700,000 when she was not allowed to use the $41 million custom-made racing yacht she shared with her husband during their marriage, as well as over $2 million in art-related transactions.

Court-mandated child support and school expenses

When Pennsylvania residents think about what child support covers, they tend to think of anything a child may require while he or she is still a minor. However, court-ordered child support is set to only assist in paying for the necessities of the child -- in other words, food, clothing, shelter and medical expenses. With school starting all over the country, some may be surprised to learn that school-related costs do not fall under the necessities umbrella.

With the advances in technology these days, paper, pencils and erasers are just the beginning of the school supplies a child needs. A recent report claims that parents can expect to pay approximately $600 per child for supplies and other school-related expenses. If one or both parents cannot or will not help cover the costs, the child could be left behind in his or her educational and supplementary pursuits.

Comedian Ron White and wife divorce

A divorce between a Pennsylvania couple can go smoothly, with complete agreement on every point of asset division, or it can be a battle, where every little detail involves a mental and emotional struggle. Most separations fall somewhere in between those two. The divorce between Margo Rey and comedian Ron White appears to be full of contention.

According to Ms. Rey, White suddenly ended the marriage earlier in the summer when the couple seemed to be having a great time together. They had temporarily moved into a well-known lavish hotel while their house was undergoing renovation. However, when she was attempting to pay for a doctor's visit, she apparently discovered her credit accounts had been closed. She has amassed several medical bills due to a breast cancer diagnosis.

Woman seeks permanent child support from NBA star

A Pennsylvania custodial parent knows how important it is to receive the necessary support for his or her children. In some cases, those child support payments can mean the child will get a nourishing meal every day, and in others, they can determine whether or not the child can participate in after-school activities or summer camp. The one-time mistress of NBA player Amar'e Stoudemire is seeking several things, including permanent child support for her daughter.

Although Stoudemire has been with his wife for 15 years and the two have four children together, the mother of a young girl claims he is the father of the child. He has stated the possibility exists and has been making payments of over $4,000 each month in temporary support. According to the child's mother, Quynn Lovett, Stoudemire does not have a relationship with the child and has not paid any of the $11,000 charged to her during the months of pregnancy and at the time of childbirth.

MLB shortstop and wife fuel divorce fire over jurisdiction

Sports fans in Pennsylvania who follow the personal lives of their favorite superstars know many who get married do not stay married. A divorce for those who fit in that category can sometimes be difficult, as they rarely play for a team based in their home state. Such is the case for MLB shortstop, Addison Russell, and his estranged wife.

Russell and Melisa Reidy-Russell have been married just over a year and a half and have a 1-year-old son together. Russell had filed for divorce in his home state but did not inform his wife. She was not served with papers until a week after he filed, during which time she herself had filed and had Russell served. On advice from his attorney, Russell wants to wait until after baseball season is over before proceeding with further action, although Reidy-Russell's attorney has attempted communication on Russell's days off. 

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