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Divorce for older Pennsylvania couples may be increasing

by | Apr 26, 2012 | Divorce

In the past, divorce for older couples was seen as something that just wasn’t done in Pennsylvania. After all, after spending a large amount of time with each other in marriage, many couples grew comfortable in their relationship and didn’t want to end it, even if they were unhappy in their marriage. Most older couples who filed for divorce 20 years ago did it for reasons of infidelity or abuse.

However, nowadays that trend is being challenged by older couples who view marriage as a means of happiness. This trend, known popularly by the sociologists as “the gray divorce revolution,” indicates how differently marriage is now viewed by society. Nowadays, many couples see marriage as a way to attain happiness by committing to someone who made them happy in a certain chapter of their life. More older people coming in to speak with divorce attorneys are said to focus on enjoying the rest of their lives when discussing their reasons for seeking a divorce.

This change in attitude of how marriage is perceived is seen in part as a result of older people understanding more of what they want from a relationship and how far they are willing to go. For these couples, it may be seen as beneficial — especially as they enter into another chapter of their lives — to spend their time with a different person who fulfills personal needs. Or, it could be that other spouses may want to divorce so that they can finally achieve the independence that they’ve desired for years.

For Pennsylvania couples who would like to move on to the next chapter of their lives without their spouse, it may be beneficial to consider filing for a divorce. While divorce can be a difficult time for anyone involved, for those who wish to start a new life, it may be worth the effort. Couples that are seriously looking at divorce would do well to become familiar with the laws and procedures as they apply to their own unique set of circumstances.

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