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Misconception: divorce harms children

by | May 29, 2012 | Divorce

In divorce cases in Pennsylvania and anywhere else in the country, matters are often made more complicated when the best interests of a child or multiple children must be considered. Parents may have to set aside any tensions they feel toward one another, and work together to settle issues in a manner that will most benefit their children.

In some cases, parents may think that staying together instead of obtaining a divorce is the best option for children. The disagreements and differences often do not cease and ultimately could cause more tension in a marriage that already isn’t working. This tension and strain is often felt by the children.

Though there may be a stigma that divorce harms children, in many cases it can be seen that children benefit from divorce. Especially should their parents truly not get along with one another anymore, and spend their time acting negatively toward each other. Some parents may not be aware that their tension and unhappiness can often translate into tension and unhappiness in their children. After a divorce much of this tension can dissolve and everyone from parents to children may get along better.

Additionally, parents who are happy with the custody arrangement negotiated with their attorney may allow children to see both parents still as positive influences in their lives. Parents may interact more positively with each other, as well as fulfill complete “parent” roles from nurturing children to taking care of the home. Divorce is a big change and may come with a difficult adjustment period for children who are accustomed to their parents being one unit. However, in many cases it can be much more beneficial for children to have parents who are happy and positive in their relationships.

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