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Separation brings divorce more often than reconciliation

by | May 19, 2012 | Divorce

Nearly every child who sees their parents separate holds onto that dream that they will eventually see them together again. Many couples who find themselves separating may even hold this hope that they or their partner can resolve the issues between them. However, these couples often find that marriage is not meant for them and do end up moving toward divorce rather than getting back together. In fact, 79 percent of couples who separate in Pennsylvania and across the country end up divorcing.

A recent research analysis derived this figure after considering couples, consisting of 7,272 individuals, who were between the ages of 14 and 22 in 1979. The research collected data concerning the marital status of these couples today: married, separated, or divorced. Of these, 51 percent were still married. In the remaining 49 percent, 60 percent of these were separated. Ultimately, 79 percent of these divorced.

As well as the percentage of divorces after separation, the research analysis also revealed trends in these divorces in terms of length of separation. It was found that after three years, couples were almost completely unlikely to get back together. These couples either stay separated forever or finalize their separation with a divorce. For those who do eventually reconcile, the length of separation averages around two years. The idea of going through the process of a divorce may be stressful for many Pennsylvania couples in the position of a separation, but this state of separation often does not hold the same benefits of custody and financial agreements that a full legal divorce can set up for a family.

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