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How can you protect your privacy during a divorce?

by | Jun 20, 2012 | Divorce

Divorce can come with a lot of stress and bitter feelings for many Pennsylvania couples. With such resentful feelings in a time where cooperation may be crucial, one may feel the need for privacy in their life and their finances in regard to their former spouse. There may be some cases where privacy is necessary from a particularly snooping ex-spouse, but in other cases it may just lead to a peace of mind needed in the upheaval of a divorce.

Much of what divorcing couples can do to keep their privacy are things that one may ultimately do anyway after going through a divorce. Setting up your own accounts, credit cards, and cellphone contracts may keep finances private from a former spouse. Professionals also recommend considering less important accounts such as frequent flier accounts and diner’s club cards when it comes to privacy. It is also good to redirect mail to a new address or mailbox.

Some couples may also find it beneficial to ensure certain valuables, like jewelry or family heirlooms, are out of the hands of a potentially angry spouse by placing these items in a safe deposit box that has limited access. Additionally, some may feel safer changing passwords to their social media sites, email accounts, and cellphones, especially if their former spouse may have access to these things. While one’s former spouse may not be so hurt or angry to take vengeful action, it might make one feel more comfortable to make these changes.

When going through a divorce, cooperation can often be the key to settling things in a peaceful and efficient manner. Pennsylvania couples experiencing a divorce may be able to achieve this by feeling their privacy is being upheld.

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