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New relationships can affect Pittsburgh spousal support, custody

by | Aug 22, 2012 | Family Law

The stress of going through a divorce is well-known, and while much of this dissipates after a settlement is finalized, divorced Pittsburgh residents know the stress can continue long after a split. With spousal support and child support payments, ex-spouses can remain tied to one another long after divorce. When children are involved, too, former spouses might continue to be in each other’s lives for the benefit of their children, which can cause problems for parents looking to move on in their lives.

One thing common among most divorced individuals is dating. This is natural and common, but many divorced individuals are unaware of the issues that moving forward with a new relationship can bring. Not only does this involve the typical relationship decisions involved when a couple wants to take the next step and move in together, but making this move can affect support and child custody agreements.

When a divorce settlement is made, there may or may not have been provisions included to adjust to new family arrangements. In some cases, combining households with a new partner could affect spousal support. In terms of child custody, a parent may need permission from a former spouse to move children into a new family situation or into a city or school district.

Considering things such as future spousal support and custody issues when forming a divorce settlement is beneficial, but it is understandable that this isn’t always on someone’s mind when they’re focused on more immediate changes. Understanding the provisions of one’s divorce settlement will make the transition easier for most Pittsburgh residents in this situation. When amendments need to be made in the case of children and custody, cooperation between former spouses can make the process easier.

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