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Deion Sanders divorce: Pilar fights for child support, annulment

by | Dec 28, 2012 | Divorce

Pennsylvania readers likely recall the football exploits of Deion Sanders, the former NFL star who is also enshrined in the Hall of Fame. He and his wife Pilar have been fighting through divorce proceedings to end their 13 year marriage. While battles over a prenuptial agreement executed in 1998 continue unabated, the latest skirmish was about child support.

Recently, both Pilar and Deion appeared in court over claims that Deion was about $50,000 behind in temporary child support payments that were previously set at $50,000 a month. Deion argued to the court that the payments were unrealistic and noted he has been paying $4,500 regularly. The judge appears to have agreed, at least in part. The temporary child support order was reduced to $5,500. At the same time, the court continued its order giving Deion temporary custody of the couple’s two boys and set Jan. 9 as the date for the next hearing concerning the matter.

On another front, Pilar continues to fight against the prenup agreement. She is now asking the court to deem the contract invalid. If the court agrees, she then seeks that all of the assets accumulated during the marriage be declared community property. There was no indication as to when Pilar’s latest request will be decided by the court.

Divorce proceedings can become complicated, in Pennsylvania or elsewhere. This is particularly true when substantial assets are said to be involved. Pilar clearly is fighting for more than she would be entitled to if the prenuptial agreement continues to be upheld. While it remains to be seen how her latest legal challenge will be decided, it appears certain that this particular divorce is far from over.

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