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Don’t let your emotions rule a Pennsylvania divorce

by | Feb 26, 2013 | Divorce

A Pennsylvania divorce is typically difficult under the best of circumstances. Emotions run high, and it is easy to allow them to overtake common sense. Sometimes, one party is fighting to save the marriage while the other is already in the midst of starting divorce proceedings. Efforts to save a marriage are certainly laudable, though it is also important to recognize when the time for reconciliation has passed.

People respond to their feelings in different ways. Some may get caught up in the legal details of a marital dissolution as a means of avoiding emotions they do not yet want to confront. Others may be so intent on their feelings that they have difficulty distinguishing the forest from the trees. When the decision to let go has been made, it is also best to limit emotional exchanges that could ultimately be viewed by a court as harassment. Moreover, it is generally accepted that the parties should avoid involving minor children in the details surrounding marital discord.

Some individuals with a divorce pending leap into the dating pool. Those that do so while still recovering from the turmoil of a marriage often bring unresolved feelings into a new relationship. For that reason, many of those budding romances quickly lose their bloom. Therapy and other activities designed for self healing may be a better approach and also lead to a smoother divorce proceeding.

An inevitable part of every divorce proceeding is dealing with legal issues like property division, child custody, child support and spousal maintenance. Understandably, these are difficult problems to confront. Those Pennsylvania spouses that are able to rein in their emotions and focus on working together to achieve a fair result may find that they can do so with a minimum of acrimony.

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