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Kim Kardashian divorce ends in settlement to avoid litigation

by | Apr 25, 2013 | Divorce

Once the breakup of the marriage between reality television celebrity Kim Kardashian and professional basketball player Kris Humphries became public, the media made a habit of reporting all of the latest happenings in the court proceedings. Most people in Pennsylvania will remember countless stories regarding the divorce, which is now finally coming to an end. However, before litigation could begin, the two sides reached an agreement to the terms of the divorce. Attorneys from both sides announced to the court judge in mid-April that they had reached a settlement.

The judge presiding over the case is expected to accept the settlement deal between the estranged husband and wife sometime in June. The judge expressed gratitude to both sides for being able to find common ground and avoid a lengthy litigation process. According to reports, the terms of the settlement were reached after a meeting between the two parties which lasted approximately three hours.

After only being married for 72 days, Kardashian petitioned for divorce and stated irreconcilable differences as the reason for wanting to end the marriage. The specific terms agreed to in the settlement have yet to be released to the public. Humphries has largely avoided speaking about his divorce. However he did state that the divorce did not distract him from concentrating on playing professional basketball.

Many times, it is preferable to come to an agreement outside of court in order to avoid a lengthy divorce hearing in Pennsylvania or in any other state. However, in some cases the two sides are not able to find common ground. This means that issues regarding property division, alimony and other aspects must be decided through litigation. By properly researching Pennsylvania divorce law, spouses may be able to better prepare for a successful future going forward as a single person.

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