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Child custody gained through improper measures rarely successful

A woman in Pennsylvania successfully rescued her child from another country after he had been missing for about 20 months. Her son had been kidnapped in 2011 by his father. The couple was divorced, and he illegally attempted to gained child custody. After utilizing $100,000 to seek her son, she finally has him back home. The ex-husband is currently wanted by federal authorities for forgery.

The ex-husband kidnapped his son after convincing his ex-wife to bring the boy to the father’s native land. While traveling around that country, the father abducted the son and left the mother on the side of a road. Her son was gone without a trace, and she had to leave the country without him.

The woman put her life on the line by disguising herself as a local and went undercover. She retrieved her son and utilized the services of American diplomats in efforts to safely return home with him. After more than a year and a half of being missing, the boy was back into the custody of his mother in Pennsylvania.

Child custody is often a polarizing issue that, sometimes, ends of in court. Taking extra-judicial measures to gain child custody is risky and rarely turns out well for the parent or child. They could result in criminal charges, jail time and little to no interaction with the child or children involved. In order to preserve parental rights, the parties involved need to know their options. If a mutual decision cannot be worked out, someone with knowledge on the matter may be helpful.

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