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3 women seek child support from Nate Dogg’s estate

by | Jun 28, 2013 | Family Law

Pennsylvania music lovers may remember that nearly two years ago singer Nate Dogg died leaving at least three children behind. Today, three women have filed court documents in a battle for child support from the deceased singer’s estate. The battle began when one of the women asked the court to order Nate Dogg’s estate to pay her just under $340,000 in back child support payments.


According to the creditor’s claim that the woman has filed, the singer was supposed to pay her child support in the amount of $4,358 each month. She claims he never made even one payment since the birth of their child in 2006. If her claims are accurate, then his estate would owe her at least $339,924, which includes payments since 2011 when Nate Dogg died.

Another woman who also had a child with Nate Dogg has filed papers saying that a third woman is lying in her court filings. The third woman has filed papers saying that she hasn’t received any payments from the singer’s estate for the child they had together. However, the second woman claims that woman is actually receiving $694 in social security payments each month from the estate. Because of this, the second woman believes the third woman should not be granted the additional child support she requested because her claims are false.


The outcome of all of these child support disputes will have to be decided by the court. Under Pennsylvania law, when there are multiple children that are entitled to child support, it will often be up to the court to apply statutory formulas to ensure that each child receives some financial support from the non-custodial parent. These obligations don’t necessarily disappear when a parent dies. The estate can be held responsible for the financial support of the children.


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