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Drs. Evans and Evans in child custody dispute

It has been said that divorce can bring out the worst in people. That may pale in comparison to what can happen in some child custody disputes. Pennsylvania fans of “Dr. 90210” may remember Dr. Brian Evans, a plastic surgeon, and Dr. Susan Evans, a dermatologist. The two doctors have been involved in a child custody dispute to modify their current custody arrangement that has recently intensified.

An application for a temporary restraining order apparently sought by the couple’s oldest son, reportedly 12 years old, accused his father of inappropriately touching the younger siblings and hitting him. Interestingly, the alleged abuse is supposed to have taken place in Oct. 2012, and it is unclear why those accusations did not surfaced earlier. Attorneys for Brian Evans say that the allegations are false and say that an investigation has cleared him of any wrongdoing.

A modified child custody order recently gave Brian Evans legal and physical custody of the three youngest of the couple’s four children. He was also granted legal custody of the couple’s oldest boy, but he is apparently staying with Susan Evans for the time being. While the reasoning behind the court’s decision was not included in a media report, the court’s order also provides that Susan Evans is not to have contact of any kind with the couple’s three youngest children for 30 days.

This child custody dispute could have ended many different ways. Like other jurisdictions across the country, Pennsylvania courts will do what they can to make sure that the best interests of the children are protected. After both parties present evidence, the court will make a decision it believes will best serve the children and the parents.

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