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Giving children a good holiday season after a divorce

by | Dec 24, 2013 | Divorce

Divorce is difficult on Pennsylvania couples, but it can be even harder on children. The holidays after a divorce can be problematic when children feel torn between both parents. Parents can make the holidays enjoyable for their children by giving them something most children do not get — two visits from Santa Claus.

For couples with children, the central issue in a divorce is often the custody agreement. This agreement usually sets out the dates and times each parent gets to be with their children. If done properly, parents know well in advance what days during the holiday season they can celebrate.

One enterprising father decided to enlist the help of Santa’s elves to ensure his daughter had the chance to celebrate the holidays with both him and his ex-wife. He sent a letter to his daughter written by an elf outlining a new program allowing children of divorce to get their presents early. The goal was to allow him and his daughter to enjoy opening gifts together and give her time to play with her toys and her father before going to her mother’s house.

Many Pennsylvania parents celebrate with their children using some variation of this father’s plan. Just because parents are no longer together does not mean the holidays cannot be enjoyable for everyone. Many children would be more than happy to open presents twice each year. When negotiating visitation during a divorce, it may benefit parents to consider programming in the ability for their children to celebrate holidays and birthdays twice if a joint holiday celebration is not possible. This will give the children something to look forward to, allow both parents quality time with the children and make the transition from one family to two smoother and more enjoyable.

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