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Avoid a complex divorce with a prenuptial agreement

by | Jan 18, 2014 | Family Law

In the euphoria of planning a wedding, there may not seem to be a good time for a Pennsylvania couple to discuss signing a prenuptial agreement. However, it may be better to consider it now rather than risk the possibility of a complex divorce down the road. Even though prenups have grown in popularity, it still may be difficult for individuals to broach the subject with a soon-to-be spouse.

As people get married later in life and/or remarry after having children in another relationship, the need for a prenup grows. Many Pennsylvania couples bring their own assets to the marriage. If, for some reason, the relationship does end, each party should be able to leave with at least what they came into the marriage with.

A prenuptial agreement can also provide each party with full disclosure from the other. This could eliminate destructive secrets in the future and actually foster trust since the parties are candid with one another. A prenuptial agreement could also provide a road map for the marriage. For instance, the agreement can include loose guidelines on how finances are to be handled during the marriage.

The difficulty some people have in asking for a prenuptial agreement is nothing compared to the discomfort a complex divorce can cause. Without such an agreement, there is no guarantee that an amicable divorce is possible. There is no way to predict how people will react when they are faced with the prospect of ending their marriage. However, when a relationship is beginning, the parties are more apt to take into account what is fair to the other party, so it may be easier to come to terms regarding certain assets and other marital issues.

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