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Charlie Sheen gambles on getting his child support reduced

by | Mar 27, 2014 | Family Law

Pennsylvania television fans may already be aware that sources say that Charlie Sheen’s new love may be a big part of the decisions he is making with regard to his former wife Denise Richards. He wants to take Richards to mediation to reduce the amount of child support he pays her. So far this year, Sheen has apparently only made about half of one child support payment to Richards.

He continues to pay for the home that he has let Richards and his daughters live in, however. Supposedly, that home is about to be sold by Sheen. Sheen’s current support obligation for his children that are living with Richards is $55,000 per month. In addition, Richards has been living rent-free in the home.

She and the children were living in the home so that they could be close to Sheen, and he could visit the girls. Lately, however, it is reported that Richards has not been allowing Sheen to see the girls. A source says that the adult film actor to whom Sheen is now engaged pointed out that, since he has not been allowed visitation, the reason for keeping the house and letting Richards live in it rent-free no longer exists.

Reportedly, going to mediation could be disastrous for Sheen. Instead of getting his child support obligation reduced, Sheen could end up paying even more to Richards than he is now paying. This is the same risk that many Pennsylvania custodial parents run when attempting to get child support reduced. However, if the circumstances warrant a reduction based upon a substantial change in circumstances, the court may grant one.

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