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Marriage advice can also save negotiations in a divorce mediation

by | Mar 10, 2014 | Divorce

Many Pennsylvania couples look for advice from any source available to help save their marriage, and for some, the right advice comes along and the marriage continues. For others, the advice may work for a short time, but the couple ultimately makes the difficult decision to get a divorce. However, not all that marriage advice has to go to waste since it may help to successfully complete divorce mediation.

For instance, knowing a healthier way to fight can make negotiations much smoother. Both parties want to walk away from the table satisfied that the process was fair and the divorce settlement is equitable. For that to happen, several issues need to be resolved before a settlement agreement can be considered complete. Each of those issues needs the parties’ undivided attention as they are dealt with.

Both sides should have input into each issue as well. This is the time when confrontations can arise if the parties are not careful. Taking the time to listen to the other party and then calmly and respectfully discuss the issue can lead to a resolution. Allowing the negotiations to degrade into name calling and arguing will only make things worse. The divorce process is the last major event the parties will go through as a married couple and working together to get through it amicably is possible.

One of the benefits of Pennsylvania divorce mediation is having a neutral party available to help quell any confrontations before they send the couple to the courtroom. Sometimes, the solution is as simple as taking a break before things get out of control. Once the parties cool down, negotiations can resume. After all of the compromises are made and the settlement is signed, the parties can look forward to moving into their individual futures.

Source: The Huffington Post, Marriage Boot Camp: How To Avoid Divorce, Jim and Elizabeth Carroll, March 7, 2014