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Michael Jackson’s mother embroiled in custody dispute

Most Pennsylvania residents know that, after Michael Jackson’s death, his mother was given custody of his three children. Now, the children are at the center of a custody dispute between her and Debbie Rowe, the mother of Jackson’s two oldest children. She is asking for custody not only of her two biological children, but also for guardianship of Jackson’s youngest son.

Since Jackson’s death, the children’s grandmother has been the only parent they know. The family contends that Rowe did not live up to her parental responsibilities after the birth of the two oldest teens and was only interested in Jackson’s money. They claim that money is all she is wanting now since she would receive child support if she gained custody of the children.

Rowe claims to be hurt by these allegations, saying that she and Jackson spoke frequently about the children, and he even asked her for advice. She says that Jackson’s mother is reaching an age where she is no longer able to appropriately supervise the three kids. She further indicates that Jackson’s brothers are in no position to provide support to their mother in raising them.

It is most likely no mistake that Jackson’s children are in the custody of his mother. Many families in Pennsylvania are aware that it is not necessarily unusual for grandparents to take care of their grandchildren when a parent dies or is otherwise unable, unwilling or unfit to handle their parental responsibilities. Of course, it will be up to the courts to determine what living arrangements will be in the best interest of the children in this custody dispute.

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