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Text offends dads that are up-to-date on child support payments

by | Jun 12, 2014 | Family Law

Every day noncustodial fathers in Pennsylvania — and nationwide — work hard to provide for their children and be part of their lives. Unfortunately, the men who fail to pay their child support have overshadowed the dads who do pay. Not surprisingly, government agencies responsible for the collection of support payments can become disheartened and negative, even toward men who are far from being deadbeat dads.

As an example, one Pennsylvania county decided to celebrate Father’s Day by sending a text to fathers who are obligated to pay, urging them to make their payments. The fathers in that county who consistently meet their financial obligations to their children were offended. One of the men who received the text was upset because it implies that noncustodial fathers do not take any other part in their children’s lives other than to provide money.

The director of the York County Domestic Relations agency says the text was not meant to be offensive to men. She also commented that a similar text would be sent to women paying child support on Mother’s Day. Apparently, the message was supposed to be sent to those who are behind on their support, but other fathers received it as well.

Being a noncustodial parent has its challenges, and many men are able to keep up with their child support payments and enjoy good relationships with their children. Unfortunately, some fathers — and mothers — encounter financial difficulties and have trouble meeting their court-ordered obligations. In this case, it may be possible to request a reduction in future payments if a significant change in finances has occurred through no fault of the person owing the child support.

Source: ABC News, “Dads Protest Text Urging Them to Pay Child Support”, , June 5, 2014