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Dispute resolution disregarded in custody case

by | Jul 15, 2014 | Family Law

When a Pennsylvania family cannot agree on the custody arrangement for their children, dispute resolution may be necessary. The inability of a parent to respect the arrangements and legally binding rulings made in the dispute resolution could lead to serious consequences. A father was recently reunited with his son after he had been taken by his mother to another country following the separation of his parents.

The abducted boy was a young toddler when his mother and father separated, prompting his mother’s choice to flee America. When the woman and her son disappeared, family and authorities were not sure about where the mother had taken the toddler, and a Be On The Lookout notification was issued for the child. The ongoing investigation ultimately determined that the mother and child had traveled back to her home country of India.

Reports reveal that, through a combined effort from of the Department of State, Interpol and the United States Customs, authorities were eventually able to locate and keep track of the mother’s location in India. She and her son eventually decided to travel back to the United States, where officials were aware and on standby for the arrival, ready to intervene. When her flight landed, the woman was arrested and her son transported back to his father.

Homeland Security is involved in the woman’s continued detainment and has decided that she be held in custody. The mother has been charged for her interference in child custody and could potentially be charged with other crimes. Her deliberate choice to avoid additional dispute resolution may have serious legal consequences. A Pennsylvania parent who has had his or her child illegally removed from the country by a former spouse may choose to seek professional help in pursuing all avenues available for bringing the child home.

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