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Child Support Enforcement Awareness Month in Pennsylvania

August is Child Support Enforcement Awareness Month in Pennsylvania and across the country. The intention is to help families collect past due support payments. Child support enforcement may include help in locating a noncustodial parent, creating a support order or taking the steps necessary to enforce one already in place. Many people may face situations where the other parent is absent from family life and failing to provide financial help that is a necessity for the children.

A study conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau found that 75 percent of noncustodial parents are either uninvolved or have very little contact with their children. Noncustodial parents who have a relationship with their child are more likely to provide the financial support that is necessary for a child to thrive. When parents are disconnected or distant from their offspring, they may have a greater chance of feeling like they are not responsible. Some may try to financially “protest” the custody arrangement through nonpayment. Others may have suffered a substantial change in financial circumstances that renders them unable to meet their support obligation.

Although current research suggests that children develop healthier when they are in relationship with both of their parents, this may not be a tangible reality for all families. When child support is required and a relationship is not established, it may be difficult for a custodial parent to collect. Family law attorneys familiar with Child Support Awareness Month may offer insight and options when considering what the best direction could be for attempting to pursue support enforcement.

A parent who has not received support payments may have to request assistance in enforcing a child support order to try and change the situation. It can be financially straining for a family to survive on one income without help from the other parent. Custodial parents in Pennsylvania who have not received the rightful compensation for their child may find courage to seek professional guidance to help organize and investigate their unique situation. Noncustodial parents who are behind in support payments may benefit from investigating their right to pursue a modification of their legal requirement by a formal petition to the appropriate court.

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