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Finding hidden assets for a fair divorce settlement

by | Aug 20, 2014 | Family Law

When a Pennsylvania couple makes the decision to legally separate, either amicably or contentiously, they may get defensive and anxious about the divorce settlement. Sometimes this can lead people into attempting to hide money or other financials from their spouse. If a person suspects their partner has hidden or is trying to hide assets or money during negotiations for the divorce settlement, he or she may question how to best approach the problem and recover the missing funds.

In some marriages, a spouse may have felt it would be a good decision to keep hidden bank accounts or investments as a safety net in the event of a divorce. Any financial contributions that were kept or managed during the time of the marriage can often be considered as equitable property. However, in some marriages, a preexisting agreement or contract may have been in place, annexing such savings from division.

Technology has made it more difficult for dishonest spouses to hide money from their partner; electronic trails can be discovered and reveal hidden information. A person may be able to gain information from bank account statements, benefits and through emails or social media. Safety deposit boxes and family money managers may also be looked to for clues, revealing where assets may have been secretly stored.

Some professionals specialize in recovering assets or financials that may have been hidden or covered up. A Pennsylvania spouse who is concerned about creating a fair divorce settlement may begin to ask questions and seek answers. Some may look for guidance as they attempt to prove their legal right to assets that were accumulated during the marriage.

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