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Sharing a Pennsylvania child custody matter with school

A child custody matter in Pennsylvania may take time to discuss and agree upon as parents determine what the best situation will be for the children involved. Many families make the decision to divorce in the summer, when they have time to create custody arrangements without the hassle of dealing with school pick-up and drop-off. As the new school year fast approaches, parents who have divorced or are in the process may question how to ensure their child’s school is aware of the child custody matter.

Custody arrangements and allowance of personal information regarding the child to a non-custodial parent is unique in every situation. Court documents may help administrators understand which of the parents are allowed to be given certain information. This could include access to school events or conferences, grades and the performance or behavior of the child while on campus.

In arrangements where one parent may not have access to their child without permission or supervision, some may find it important to notify the school for the protection of the child. A school may also need to know who the custodial parent is in the event of an illness or injury. Either a judgment or temporary order can be provided to the school to help keep administrators aware of what is occurring in the home.

A parent in Pennsylvania who has a child enrolled in a daycare or uses a babysitter may also find it imperative to provide the caregiver with the legal information regarding the child custody matter. This can help to ensure their children are safe and caregivers do not become confused. A person may choose to create a formal custody arrangement and communicate it with the teachers and adults in their child’s life to help create a firm boundary as the family moves through the transition of divorce.

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