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Custodial mother questions child support deductions

On Behalf of | Sep 5, 2014 | Family Law

Recently, a woman located outside the state of Pennsylvania spoke out about a child support situation she believes is unfair and says that she has made efforts to report the claimed fraud to the proper authorities. The mother claims to have been the primary caretaker and custodial guardian for her children for many years, without child support assistance from their father. Reports indicate that, although the children have visitation with their father, the meetings are limited.

The problem first began when the woman began to notice her income being depleted by child support garnishment. A total of $85 per week was apparently taken from her paychecks without her consent or notice to her. She believes that the money from her income is being deducted and supplied to the father of her children.

The woman also claims that the man collected food stamp support by naming her children as dependents, though he is not their primary custodian. She made attempts to contact her ex and question him. She also wants him to help with necessities for the children, though he has purportedly ignored her requests. The father does not agree and has argued that he maintained custody of their children until recently.

A Pennsylvania parent that does not have a child support order in place may struggle with regulating how and when financial transactions are deducted or controlled between guardians. Court intervention may be needed to help create and enforce a child custody order before a support schedule can be determined. Professional help may be sought out to help prevent fraud, regain any financial losses and achieve a fair child support order from the appropriate court.

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