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Father acts recklessly, gets arrested in child custody matter

People who are going through a divorce may find their thinking clouded with emotions. This can cause them to act in erratic ways and make decisions that are not in their best interests in Pennsylvania or in any other state. One father may have experienced this as he was going through his recent child custody matter. Unfortunately, this may end up causing him serious legal problems.

The father had apparently failed to make his children available for a scheduled hearing in court regarding child custody issues. Due to his absence, the two children were supposed to be placed into the custody of the local authorities. A missing persons bulletin was posted for the 44-year-old father and his two young children.

The father was later stopped by officers due to a minor traffic violation in mid-September. Apparently, the two young children were in the car with the father when he was pulled over. The officers took the man into custody and later cancelled the missing persons alert previously posted. The children said that they had believed they were going on a family vacation.

The father may end up facing criminal charges that could lead to time behind bars. This case is one example of what could happen when a person lets his or her emotions affect how decisions are made during a child custody matter in Pennsylvania or elsewhere. Instead, it may have been better for the father to make his decisions based upon knowledge of the legal system. This could have perhaps helped the father obtain custody rights or whatever outcome he may have desired from the legal proceedings.

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