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More spent on wedding rings, more likelihood of divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 20, 2014 | Divorce

Diamonds are known for being durable and long-lasting. This is why the stone is most commonly used for engagement rings and wedding rings in Pennsylvania as well as any other state. However, what is surprising is that it has been found that the more a person spends on his or her wedding ring, the more likely the marriage will end in divorce.

A study recently released data on the relationship between what a person spends on a wedding ring or engagement ring and how long a marriage lasts. The university study was conducted by the school’s department of economics and was released in September. The researchers looked at data collected from more than 3,000 survey participants.

The study excluded same-sex marriages as well as couples over the age of 60. They also excluded participants who filled out their questionnaires in two minutes or less and also responded inconsistently regarding their partner’s age. It turns out that married couples that spend $20,000 on their rings have a 46 percent increased likelihood of experiencing a divorce. On the other hand, couples who decide to spend within $1,000 and $5,000 on a ring are 18 percent less likely to have the marriage end in divorce later.

Ultimately, whether somebody spends a lot on a wedding ring, if a married couple in Pennsylvania decides to divorce, there will definitely be more than jewelry at stake. During the divorce, the couple may have to work out property division, spousal support and, many times, child custody issues. However, with knowledge of the law, one can increase the chances of a favorable outcome.

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