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Man becomes famous for owing child support for 25 children

by | Nov 22, 2014 | Family Law

There are many people who seek to be famous. However, one father became famous for reasons he probably did not want. Among local government employees, he is famous for not paying child support for 25 children, which is a significant number compared to most cases in Pennsylvania or in any other state.

Local government employees are well aware of the man who is a father of 26 children and owes unpaid child support for 25 children he had with 15 women, according to media reports in Nov. 2012. The father apparently told the judge assigned to his case that he had no money and was completely broke. However, he allegedly lives a lavish life in public and on social media. He even bragged about purchasing a $250 bottle of liquor during his two-day birthday celebration.

Some of the women the man has fathered children with report being told by city employees that he was practically a celebrity due to the number of children and the amount of money he owes for unpaid child support. Many of the women have not received any payments whatsoever for the support payments the man has been ordered to pay by the court. This can cause serious legal problems for the father.

The man could have avoided these legal problems by attempting to work within the legal system and petition for a modification of child support payments. This could have given him a more affordable monthly payment schedule. However, from the opposite perspective, for parents who are owed child support payments in Pennsylvania or other states, it may sometimes be necessary to take legal action in order to obtain support payments owed to them.

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