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Foster parents continue to fight for child custody

Pennsylvania residents may be interested to learn of a child custody battle between a birth father and the foster parents who have raised the girl since she was a baby. A judge ordered a trial home visit with the father two years ago, and the foster parents have not been able to see or speak to the girl since she left. The foster parents say they will continue fighting this child custody battle.

It had been eight years since a babysitter for the one-year-old baby left the child’s home state with her and did not return her to her family. The child service’s department in the state into which she was taken gained custody of her and appointed the couple who are now fighting for custody as her foster parents. Recently, a judge approved a motion to have the girl removed from the custody of the state after a request from child services. Once this action is official, the birth father will have custody of the girl by default, and the foster parents will have no legal standing.

The attorney for the birth father stated that the girl would have been placed with his mother several years ago if the foster parents had not interfered by attempting a formal adoption. She further claims that the girl has adjusted to her new life. The foster parents are not so sure, maintaining they are concerned that she has not been allowed to contact them for nearly two years. The foster father said he and his wife made the girl a promise when she left that they would keep fighting for her.

Child custody cases can range from fairly simple, if the parties get along and can agree to the terms, to very complicated. In Pennsylvania, those who are facing a custody situation have the opportunity to have their voices heard in court proceedings. The welfare of the child is the most important issue in any custody case.

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