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Pennsylvania parents learn of options to collect child support

by | Apr 16, 2015 | Family Law

Pennsylvania parents attempting to collect child support payments may be interested to learn of the collection efforts in another state. That state’s Child Support Division of the Attorney General’s Office has been active since 2003. Since that time, it has collected financial support owed for over 14,000 children.

The focus of the office is on the non-custodial parent who is financially able to pay child support but who simply refuses to pay. Those who do refuse could face being charged with a felony, although the office is more interested in getting the parent to make regular payments than placing him or her in jail.  No longer residing in the state will not relieve the parent of the support duty, as the office will be in pursuit in that case as well. In fact, nearly half of those prosecuted live outside of the state.

A recent case resulted in the largest single payment the office has ever received. A father was threatened with extradition due to the charges against him. After living in several states over a few years, he was finally found living in a $500,000 house. He made a payment of nearly $100,000, which included outstanding support going back to before 1999, fees and interest. The charges against him and the extradition action were dismissed upon his full payment.

There are many challenges to raising a child in Pennsylvania or in any other state, the financial aspect being one of the biggest. There is no excuse for a parent who is fiscally able to provide child support to not do so. There are times when a custodial parent may need assistance to find out about the options that are available for obtaining the money that is so often desperately needed.

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