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Child support case may be interesting to Pennsylvania residents

On Behalf of | May 28, 2015 | Family Law

Pennsylvania parents may be interested in a case that involves the man considered by many to be the “taxi king” in a major city. He has been instructed to pay $25,000 each month in child support to the mother of his 18-month-old daughter. The man, through his taxi business, is worth $300 million. This child support amount may be temporary, however.

The divorce between the man and his wife is not yet final, but he has already paid her $100,000 as a condition of the prenuptial agreement between them. Since that time, she has only received $1,000 each month for three months. Her attorney requested a higher amount each month, but the judge was resolute in her decision until the time that the parents agree on a permanent support and custody arrangement. His attorney has argued against this amount because the mother has a college degree and is able to obtain employment to provide some support. The counterargument was that the father could certainly afford the amount so that the mother would be able to stay home with the child.

The mother has accused her soon-to-be ex-husband of cocaine abuse, and he had been arrested several weeks earlier on her claims that he had tried to choke her. Because of his alleged actions, the judge is allowing him to visit his daughter nine hours a week on the condition that he submits to periodic drug testing. He does not have a problem supporting his child, but he thinks the amount set by the judge is excessive.

In this situation, the money is available from a willing parent to ensure the needs of the child are met as she grows older. There are times when a parent is not cooperative when it comes to the financial support of his or her children. Parents in Pennsylvania who are pursuing child support from a reluctant ex have the right to use legal enforcement to get the money they need.

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