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Pennsylvania learns of unusual child support case

by | May 13, 2015 | Family Law

People in Pennsylvania may be interested to learn of a child support case involving an unusual detail. A mother will be receiving child support for just one of her two-year-old twin daughters from the man who is the father of the child. It turns out that each twin has a different father. The father of the other girl was not acknowledged in a report on the case.

The mother initially went to court to obtain child support from the man she indicated was the father of both girls. A DNA test was performed and showed that he had actually fathered only one of the girls. The mother did admit she had sexual relations with two men in the span of a week’s time; however, the judge’s ruling only pertained to the man who was proved to be the father by the test. The father will have to pay $28 each week in child support.

While twins having different fathers has been deemed a rare occurrence, it is more common than once thought. Advances in technology have made it easier to identify these types of cases. Changing views through the years by society as a whole concerning sexual behavior has also had an impact on the frequency of similar cases. 

Child support arguments are not always simple. This case has shown that even the most uncommon element can affect the outcome of a judgment. There are often individual issues as well as laws unique to this state that may require a Pennsylvania parent to get some assistance to receive the financial support needed in raising a child.

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