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Unusual child support case may be interesting to Pennsylvania

by | Jun 11, 2015 | Family Law

Pennsylvania parents may be interested to learn of an unusual child support case. The case is not between a man and his ex-wife, but between a father and the state’s child support system. The father of four boys is struggling to provide for his sons.

The child support agreement the man had with his ex-wife took over $800 each month from his wages. However, his ex-wife died, and he now has his sons living with him. It would seem that the death would render the support agreement no longer valid and that he would be allowed to keep his entire paycheck, but the state continues to take the money from him. He has sent the state copies of the death certificate, but they do not consider the case closed.

He has expressed his concern that the shortage of money is keeping him from being able to give the boys some of the things they need. A local television station has taken up his battle and has contacted the state agency. After reviewing the case, a spokesperson for the agency agreed they owed the man around $3,000. He says the amount is closer to twice that figure, but he is appreciative of the help the station has given him.

There are times when state agencies err in the child support cases they oversee. For that reason, sometimes parents need professional assistance in ensuring their rights are maintained. Parents in Pennsylvania who are experiencing problems in paying or receiving money to support their children should take advantage of the aid that is available to overcome their complications.

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