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Boy in child custody case repeatedly tested positive for drugs

Pennsylvania families may sympathize with a father who is fighting for child custody of his 3-year-old son. This father is upset that a judge has ruled that the boy stay with his mother in current circumstances. Repeated drug testing on the little boy showed positive results for methamphetamine and hydrocodone. The father feels the authorities are not doing all they can to help his child, which in turn could help him gain the child custody he is seeking.

Hair follicles were used in the testing of the little boy and showed that the levels of both drugs escalated for a specific amount of time in the past five months. Testing on the mother earlier this year also showed levels of the same drugs. Even with this information, the judge allowed the mother to keep her son.

Child Protective Services has tried to intercede but has been unsuccessful even after the failed drug testing of both mother and son and after the mother was not able to show she had a legitimate prescription for hydrocodone for her son. The father and his girlfriend both passed drug testing that had been requested by the agency. A gag order has since been requested by the mother’s attorney to be issued to the father so that he can not talk further about the case.

It is frustrating to know that this form of abuse can go on and that the hands of a parent are tied when it comes to getting the child away from such a situation. It can be difficult to know where to turn for effective help. Parents in Pennsylvania who are running into roadblocks with their child custody cases can seek assistance from those who know the state laws and who can do the best job possible to see that the best interests of the children are met.

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