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Judge rules in child support case involving Sherri Shepherd

by | Jul 10, 2015 | Family Law

Pennsylvania parents might find of interest that entertainment personality Sherri Shepherd was once again in the news concerning the child she and her ex-husband had by a surrogate mother in 2014. A judge pronounced his ruling over a child support issue between the actress and the man to whom she was married for three years. One of the stipulations of their divorce agreement was that she would pay child support.

Even though Ms. Shepherd stated she no longer cared to be a parent to the child once the divorce was final, the judge declared her the boy’s legal mother. He further decided the amount she was to pay her ex-husband for the care of the boy each month would be $4,100. When the boy turns 13, the amount will increase by $500 each month.

The two separated before the baby was born and her husband sought full custody once the surrogate gave birth. Ms. Shepherd says her husband knew they were going to go their separate ways at the time they signed the paperwork to begin the surrogate process and is seeking to claim fraud in her own suit. She will not be required to financially support the boy if her case is won.

Although some of the circumstances surrounding how these three people became a family are somewhat atypical, the basic child-rearing principle is the same. Parents who bring a child into this world by whatever method should take responsibility for that child by providing the necessities, including financial support. Pennsylvania parents who have child support issues that do not follow the norm may want advice when trying to work out an agreement.

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