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Pennsylvania hears of child custody case involving adopted child

Pennsylvania residents may be interested in a child custody case that has garnered some international interest. A couple had adopted a child from another country during the time they were married and are having a dispute over the girl’s custody now that they are divorced. Activists from the girl’s birth country demonstrated outside the courthouse where both sides of the child custody case are being presented.

The wife began procedures to adopt a 4-year-old girl several years ago. The husband, who is currently fighting for sole custody of the girl, is claiming his ex-wife was not truthful about the state of their marriage during the adoption process. He says the misleading statements she made about his faithfulness to their vows and her willingness to remain in the marriage until the adoption was completed breached international adoption laws.

Their marriage lasted four years once the adoption was finalized. The father has remarried a woman who has the same ancestry as the girl and wants the girl to study and appreciate her heritage. The husband has accused his ex-wife of hating the girl’s birth culture, so much so that she blasphemes the country where the girl was born. A report on the case said the mother and her attorneys would not give a statement.

Because there is some dissension in most divorces, there is usually a need for guidance when it comes to the welfare of the children. Divorcing Pennsylvania parents have several legal options on how to proceed with dividing financial and physical placement arrangements. Although personal feelings between parties tend to get in the way of such child custody agreements, the best interest of their children should be kept in mind.

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