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Pennsylvania best in nation at recovering child support

by | Aug 26, 2015 | Family Law

The state of Pennsylvania has been ranked number one in the nation in enforcing child support payments. The federal government has performance standards that the state has met and exceeded consistently for the past six years. Two of the state’s major cities also have the top rankings among cities for implementation of the child support recovery processes in the United States.

The director of the state’s Domestic Services Agency stated they understand that a flourishing future of so many children whose parents are no longer together can depend on whether or not child support is received on a regular basis. If a child does not get a meal, basic clothing or needed school supplies, it can have a negative impact on how the child behaves toward others or learns in school. In addition, regular support payments let the child know both parents care enough to see him or her succeed.

Technology is the main reason the enforcement efforts are so successful, according to the director. The state has set up a website that makes it easy to make online payments via credit cards or Money Grams. Any complaints either parent has can be made on the website as well.

Child support is crucial to the well-being of a child. There are single parents who are able to adequately raise their children without it, but there are many more who are not so fortunate. For the sake of the children, other states would greatly benefit by following the enforcement procedures set by the state of Pennsylvania.

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