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Bartender claimes he was hacked by ex-wife in child support case

Divorced parents in Pennsylvania know that child support arrangements between ex-spouses can be acceptable to both parties and problems throughout the duration of the agreements may be few. However others can be full of contention, as seen in a report of a bartender and his ex-wife. He claims she hacked into some of his online accounts to get information that she could use to have the courts increase the child support amount he is currently paying.

The support agreement following their divorce 10 years ago had him paying $2,000 each month for the two children they had together. Two years ago, her attorney petitioned the court to have the payments raised nearly $1,000 more per month, as well as to pay nearly all of the premiums for health insurance for each child. One child attends private school, and he was also being requested to pay most of her tuition.

Along with the petition for the increase, the ex-wife’s attorney gave the court several documents that showed a financial portrait of holdings in the bartender’s name. He claims she could have only gotten those documents by hacking into the accounts that held the information, as he had never given her his passwords or his permission to access the data, and it could be found nowhere else. He has since filed a lawsuit against her, the details of which were not given.

In this or any other case, the purpose of child support is to ensure expenses needed for the care of children are shared by both parents. It should not be a tool used in a battle between former spouses. Custodial parents in Pennsylvania who are having trouble getting the money they need to effectively provide for their children may want to speak to a professional who can help them seek modifications.

Source: New York Post, “Ex hacked me to boost child support 50 percent: Barkeep“, Josh Saul, Oct. 2, 2015