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Parents fight for child custody of their three children

Pennsylvania parents may be interested to learn of a child custody case involving a woman whose children were taken by state officials last year. Because of an arrest and conviction 12 years ago, the woman’s husband claims the state is targeting the two of them even though she spent five years in prison for her past actions. The judge in the child custody case is expected to rule in the next few days.

Although the woman, her husband and her present attorney claim she has changed, the court is weighing all the evidence brought by the prosecution against a woman who allowed her former boyfriend to kill her children while doing nothing to stop him 12 years ago. She was convicted on charges of child endangerment after her boyfriend drove her car into a lake, leaving the children to drown as they were strapped into the back seat of the car. Both adults were able to make it back to shore without injury. The boyfriend was convicted of first-degree murder and will spend his life behind bars.

The woman changed her name once she was released from prison and began a new life, even getting married and having three children who now range in age from 18 months to 5 years. She was recognized and reported to authorities last year by a doctor who knew her in the past. While her current children have never been reported as being hurt, the prosecution claims they have undergone neglect and some abuse. That, along with reports of the past emotional state of the mother, as well as alcohol and drug use by both parents, has prompted the state to seek protection for the children.

The relationship between children and their parents is very valuable and should be kept intact unless it can be proved that it is harmful to the children. Sometimes a fight for child custody can seem like an uphill battle as the court decides the best familial situation. During those times, Pennsylvania parents will want to find a professional who will be an advocate as they plead their case before the court.

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