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Child support not a current problem for pro football player

by | Jan 21, 2016 | Family Law

Non-custodial parents who fail to provide any or enough child support seem to be never-ending problems for both custodial parents and the children concerned. Pennsylvania fathers may be glad they are not in the same child support situation as professional football cornerback Antonio Cromartie. He could be cut from his team at any time, leaving him struggling to pay a staggering amount of support to the mothers of his children.

The football star is currently a married man with two children and two more on the way, despite a previous vasectomy. Before he tied the knot, however, seven other women gave birth to his eight children. He pays approximately $336,000 in child support each year, and the woman who bore two of his children has requested an increase in the amount she receives each month.

He was guaranteed to make $7 million in 2015 and has been placed under contract to make millions more while on the field over the next four years, if his team chooses to keep him. It would seem as though he should have no problem providing for his children as long as he continues to play. Even though he financially provides for each of his children, the mothers say the father does not spend much time with any of them, with one telling a news source that the children only know of him what they can find on the Internet.

Child support between two parents who no longer live together is essential to the well-being of their child or children in most cases. There are some cases in which the custodial parents earn enough to sufficiently provide for their children without additional money ,but that is not so for a majority of divided families. Parents who would like more information may want to find professionals who have comprehensive knowledge of the laws specific to Pennsylvania.

Source: New York Post, “Jets cornerback pays more in child support than you make in a year“, Susan Edelman, Jan. 17, 2016