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Happy ending in child custody battle

Pennsylvania residents may think of warring spouses when the subject of child custody cases is introduced. However, a recent child custody case was not the typical news-grabbing headline of two high-profile celebrities. Rather, an 11-year-old girl celebrated the end of last year by becoming the child of a Naval retiree and his wife.

The young girl had dreamed of being adopted ever since the parental rights of her birth parents had been terminated. Over the years, she has had many different foster parents and has lived in many different places. As most couples looking to adopt want younger children, it seemed less likely it would happen for her.

A couple who had been through a great deal to adopt a child who needed them and what they could provide finally found the child they wanted in the girl. She had been living with them under the foster care system for nine months before they faced the judge in a final petition for her adoption. After favorable testimony from a state case worker and a guardian ad litem, the judge granted the request and declared the three an official family. This couple finally has custody of their little girl.

This happy ending is usually the goal of most family courts, but it is not always what transpires. Many times a child custody battle faces more challenging conditions because the focus between two parents should be on what is best for their children, but sometimes is not. A Pennsylvania parent may require the services of someone who is well-versed in family law as he or she strives for the terms of a fair custody agreement.

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