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Child custody bill campaigns for unique parenting arrangement

Divorced parents in Pennsylvania may be interested to learn of a bill that is being introduced in another state. This bill is expecting to help keep the number of malicious child custody battles to a minimum. The premise of the bill is to advocate shared custody between parents as opposed to primary or sole custody.

The basis for this idea comes from studies conducted in the past few years that have shown the children adjust better to the separation of their parents when they are able to spend as close to equal time as possible with both parents. When conscientious parents realize this type of custody agreement is an option, they will usually work together to come up with a workable plan. This sharing of time and responsibilities results in being the best situation for all concerned.

The passing of this bill would mean that family courts would need to focus on the research being done on what is best for children in these situations and make that information a factor in their custody decisions. Rulings from the court are currently viewed as one parent winning and the other losing when primary custody is awarded. This unfair balance is typically the cause of bitter custody battles between the two adults.

The physical and mental well-being of children is often reflected by their relationship with their parents. The broken relationship of the parents does not have to have devastating effects on the children if the child custody arrangement is made with the utmost concern for them. Pennsylvania parents who are going through this most difficult time may want the assistance of someone who has a thorough knowledge of family law to guide them as they make decisions that have major impact on the lives of their children.

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