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Professional boxer owes substantial amount of child support

by | Feb 24, 2016 | Family Law

Child support is an emotional topic for single Pennsylvania parents who need extra money to adequately provide for their children but who are not receiving it. It is bad enough when a non-custodial parent is also struggling to come up with the money, but it is outright frustrating when he or she makes more than enough to meet the dollar amount set by the court yet refuses to pay. This is allegedly the case for a professional boxer who owes nearly $800,000 in child support.

The boxer is looking to fight in a state other than where his daughter and her mother live and where he formerly resided. The state where he wants to fight requires each boxer to fill out an application for a boxing license. The state will not issue the license or will have an issued license revoked if the applicant owes child support. The boxer signed his application, insisting he did not owe anything and later tried to justify that action by claiming he thought it meant owing support in that particular state.

The attorney for the ex-girlfriend stated that he had informed the legal counsel for the state’s athletic board of the boxer’s unsettled debt, but it did not yield the desired results. In fact, the boxer won his fight the next month with a prize of $250,000, which he declared in a child support hearing that he spent on himself and his other financial obligations. He has given his ex-girlfriend $12,500 toward his debt but feels his daughter does not need the court-ordered amount of $6,000 per month.

Child support calculations in Pennsylvania are calculated depending on a number of factors. Not only is the income information of the non-custodial parent a consideration, but the amount of time spent with the child may also influence the amount set by the court. Parents who need guidance when confronting the legal aspects of financial support may want to speak to a professional who has a thorough understanding of family law.

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