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Charlie Sheen petitions court to reduce child support payments

by | Mar 17, 2016 | Family Law

Sometimes, it is not just the everyday, ordinary non-custodial parents who have problems paying child support. There are reasons when even high-profile, celebrity parents struggle to meet all the financial demands on them, no matter how much money they make. Pennsylvania parents may be interested to discover that Charlie Sheen is requesting that his monthly child support payments of $55,000 to his ex-wife be reduced.

Five years ago, at the end of his run on the show Two and a Half Men, Mr. Sheen was earning $613,000 each month, and the amount of child support he paid for his now six-year-old twin sons was reasonable. His monthly salary has since been reduced to under $100,000, and he says he can no longer pay as much. His petition to the court does recognize that he was paid over $26 million for his rights to the situation comedy.

Mr. Sheen has stated he pays over $100,000 each month toward his legal fees and other bills. Also, because of his HIV-positive medical condition, the portion of his treatment not covered by his insurance plan amounts to $25,000. His formal request will be heard in court in April.

Financial support is vital to the well-being of a child, especially if the custodial parent cannot make ends meet for whatever reason. The money received helps provide food and clothing as well as paying parts of medical bills and the costs of child care. Pennsylvania parents who are looking to pay or receive child support may need assistance in the form of an advocate who can present them options for the best course of action.

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