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Criminal trial for man accused of not paying child support

by | Mar 10, 2016 | Family Law

Child support is very important to a Pennsylvania custodial parent and his or her children. Sometimes the money can make a difference in whether the children get the essentials of food, clothing and shelter. A man in another state will be standing trial for not providing approximately $92,000 in child support for his two daughters.

The man and his wife divorced in 2005, and he paid nearly $10,000 in support for the next two years. Records show he made no voluntary payments after that. The mother and her daughters subsisted on food stamps and other aid from the state for three years. The state did garnish wages whenever taxes were withheld from any income he received as a freelance writer. The man’s attorney suggested to the court that the man may not have been able to pay because it was a possibility he was not frequently employed during that time.

The ex-wife died in 2015, and her two daughters are adults now. One daughter, however, is just 18 but has not yet graduated from high school. She is in the foster system, and the child support order concerning her care continues in effect. The man had been ordered in 2015 to pay a monthly sum of nearly $900. He will be arraigned in early April.

As in every state, there are Pennsylvania parents who are counting on child support to make ends meet. There are also non-custodial parents who may not be able to or may not feel the need to pay that support. Parents who need assistance concerning these issues can speak to someone who has extensive knowledge of the support laws of the state.

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