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Man received notice to pay child support

by | Mar 30, 2016 | Family Law

Non-custodial parents in Pennsylvania who are expected to pay child support know they have certain laws by which they have to abide. Those laws have been set in place to ensure children are provided the basic necessities, usually consisting of food, clothing, medical needs and educational requirements. A man in another state got a shock when he received a letter claiming he owed child support to his estranged wife because of a long-time law.

The 45-year-old man recently received a letter that informed him he was expected to pay child support for a baby born a year ago. He and the baby’s mother had been married nearly twenty years ago, and although they separated two years later, they never got divorced. According to a law in the state in which he resides, the man is responsible for paying child support for the baby because he is still legally the mother’s husband even though he is not the biological father.

The mother of the child told the man she had intended for the support letter to be sent to the biological father, who left her after a one-night stand. The man was told by officials that he would have to divorce the woman and prove he was not the biological father of the child. He is in the process of raising money for legal fees and hopes that publicly informing others of his story will instigate a change in this particular law.

Some parents choose to have an informal child support agreement when they decide to separate. Others may need legal intervention in determining the terms of a contract. Pennsylvania parents have several options when seeking the advice of a professional who understands the relevant family laws.

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