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Bartolo Colon in child support battle

On Behalf of | May 25, 2016 | Family Law

According to the news, the latest celebrity to appear in family court is major league pitcher Bartolo Colon. Pennsylvania residents might be interested to learn that he was recently sued for child support in a case where both parties were originally listed as anonymous on sealed court documents. When Colon decided he was not going to use outside legal counsel and instead represent himself in the child support case, his involvement in the lawsuit was made public.

The suit was filed by a woman who claims she and the ballplayer had an affair several years ago, during which two children were born. The boy is now eight years of age and the girl is seven. The mother of the two says Colon has not paid any child support, and she is requesting a judge to order Mr. Colon to pay her some of the $7.25 million he is earning this year alone.

Colon, who pitches for the New York Mets, has four children with his wife of 21 years. While he is headed back to the courtroom next month, he has not made any comments to the public as to the specifics of the case. A report on the lawsuit stated that a confidentiality agreement had been signed by both parties. The wife was asked to make a statement to the media, but she said that while she knew about the suit and the circumstances surrounding it, she did not want to comment further.

Single parents in Pennsylvania know how difficult it can be when monthly child support payments are not received. Making those payments may be a hardship on some non-custodial parents, but providing the basic necessities a child requires is essential. Those who may need help in providing financially for their children might want to consult with a legal professional who can show them the options available.

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