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Back child support ordered in Bristol Palin case

All parents, upon dissolution of the union between them, should have some type of agreement drawn up that specifies the future care of their children. Child support amounts should be set after custody arrangements have been made. Sometimes there is a dispute between the parents when trying to come up with a plan when they have differing ideas as to what is best for their children. Pennsylvania parents may be interested to learn of the latest court-ordered child support decision involving Bristol Palin and her former fiancé, Levi Johnston.

It has been reported that Mr. Johnston has been ordered to pay $61,915.20 to Miss Palin in back child support for their son Tripp. Tripp is now seven years old. Mr. Johnston did say that he knew he owed some money in addition to the $50,000 he has paid since the boy was born.

Joint custody was awarded earlier in the year after a hard-fought battle on both sides once Mr. Johnston filed his petition in 2013. In a quote, Miss Palin stated that the boy will be with her a majority of the time, as he has always been, but that she will continue to encourage the best possible relationship between her son and his father. Just one month later, joint custody was also awarded in the case between Miss Palin and Dakota Meyer, the father of her daughter Sailor Grace, who is five months old.

Some parents in Pennsylvania have no problem as they agree on what is best for their children’s futures. However, others need assistance when determining child support amounts and custody arrangements. For those parents, there are professionals available to help make the tough decisions that will affect the welfare of their children.

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