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Jon Gosselin reveals unusual child custody terms

On Behalf of | Jun 30, 2016 | Fathers' Rights

Many Pennsylvania parents are familiar with the former TLC show “Jon and Kate Plus 8,” and the controversy surrounding Jon and Kate Gosselin since deciding to end their marriage after 10 years. Jon was previously barred from disclosing certain details about their child custody arrangement because of a court injunction by the television network. The time constraint of the injunction has expired, and Jon is more than willing to make public the peculiar terms of the child custody agreement.

According to the agreement, Jon is allowed dinner one night each week and overnight visitation every other weekend; however, he is only able to be with four of the eight children during any visit. Additionally, he never knows which four will be with him during those visits. He says he has no money for further court battles to get this changed. He has not been with all eight children at one time in three years, and one of his sons he has not seen in over 18 months. While he loves and wants to be with all his children, he has decided to center his attention on the ones who indicate they want to spend time with him.

Jon claims that the children are not available to him, even electronically, when they are not physically with him. He also says Kate does not let him know where they film their new reality show, “Kate Plus 8” and reports he only finds out from fans’ Twitter posts. Earlier reports suggest he has not paid any child support, but the figure he says he pays his ex-wife is in the neighborhood of $175,000 each year. When Jon left the series and his marriage, he says he left Kate everything, including $3 million.

The ending of a relationship is often fraught with charged emotions, hurt and anger. Decisions over child custody and support may reflect those sentiments instead of focusing on what is best for the children. There is assistance available for Pennsylvania parents as they seek reasonable terms to which they both must adhere.

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