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Man claims unfair treatment in child support case

There are so many factors to worry about when two people get divorced. If they have children, they will sometimes need to go to court for a decision on which parent will have custody and which parent will pay child support, if the two will not share in joint custody. Some Pennsylvania fathers may empathize with a man in another state who has custody of his son but has problems when receiving child support payments from his ex-wife.

The man feels that women who are behind on child support payments are not dealt with as severely as men in the same situation. He has had custody of his son for the past four years and is having problems getting money from his ex. Even though she was ordered to pay only $40 each month, the child support she has given him only amounts to approximately $150 in almost two years. He has called his county’s support services office numerous times but has not received the assistance to which he feels entitled.

A member of the ex-wife’s family reported the woman has had medical problems that have kept her unemployed for nearly two years. The man said he would probably make the overdue support payments for her and stated that the father himself had been behind in his support during the time when he was the non-custodial parent. A spokesperson for the county’s enforcement bureau claims that the level of enforcement is based on the economic circumstances of the person, and that the father can request a review of the case whenever he wants.

Parents should never view child support as a power play in their strained relationship. The purpose of financial support is to ensure the child has at least the basic medical and survival needs provided. While there are times the non-custodial parent has a legitimate reason he or she cannot meet those needs, it is vitally important that every effort should be made to supply the funds or seek a support modification. Parents who have questions about receiving or paying child support will want answers from someone with a thorough knowledge of family law as it pertains to the state of Pennsylvania.

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