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Children who live with grandparents get housing assistance

Many non-traditional families in Pennsylvania today are going by a new name: grandfamilies. Grandfamilies are those where the grandchildren live with grandparents when the parents are not around. Many times the grandchildren who live with grandparents live in substandard housing because the grandparents are not financially stable enough to provide any other environment. One group is working to help those in that situation.

Grandparents raising their grandchildren often miss a meal or a dose of medication as they seek ways to afford even a fraction of what it takes to bring up a child. Affordable housing is usually beyond their reach, leaving them in need of subsidized homes. While they are struggling to make ends meet, they are saving taxpayers billions of dollars by keeping the children out of the welfare system.

The founder of an area church outside of Pennsylvania had a vision before he died to build a center where all generations could come together for activities. His daughter, along with the rest of the church, has taken the idea farther by collaborating with developers used in earlier projects to construct a 12-story housing development that will be specifically for low-income persons, including 50 apartments for these children and their grandparents. This project will be funded by private donations and public funds and there is hope that it will spark similar developments in cities across the nation.

Grandchildren who live with grandparents may not have all they need financially, but it is made up for in love. These grandparents have already raised one family and because of unfortunate circumstances, they step up to give their time, money and love a second time. Pennsylvania grandparents may need legal help from someone who will guide them as they face numerous challenges while maintaining custody of their grandchildren.

Source: wral.com, “Refuge for grandparents stepping up to raise grandchildren”, Theresa Vargas, July 17, 2016