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Former football player accused of not paying child support

Pennsylvania parents who have decided to separate have already made a tough decision, in most cases. To ensure the needs of their children are met, determining a child support arrangement suitable to the financial position of each parent is essential. The ex of former NFL player, Chad Ochocinco Johnson feels she is not receiving enough in child support and let him know during an unusual situation.

The grandmother of one of Mr. Johnson’s six children approached him as he was leaving the middle school graduation of another of his children. She had court documents that had been filed to compel Mr. Johnson to pay $38,000 in overdue child support, money his ex says he owes because he has not paid anything since the end of last year. He claims he is no longer able to make the payments formerly set up when he was still a football player and was making enough money to meet the terms of the agreement.

Mr. Johnson was originally ordered to pay his ex $6,000 each month and then another $1,000 would be paid to the college fund for the child. He now has five other children and no longer has the income of a professional football player. While he does have some money saved up, he wants to make sure he can provide for all his children. He would like to come to a new arrangement with his ex but is willing to go back to court if the two cannot work something out.

It is usually preferable for separating parents to try and determine a child support agreement on their own; however, sometimes that just does not happen. Hurt feelings, bewilderment and despondency are just a few of the emotions that can get in the way of an amenable agreement. During those times, Pennsylvania residents may need the caring support of a professional who can guide them through this overwhelming time in their lives.

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